Do All You Can To Stop Your Kids Smoking Cigarettes

Do All You Can To Stop Your Kids Smoking Cigarettes

Thanks to a few decades worth of anti-smoking messages sent out by most of the governments in the developed world we have seen a steadily declining number of adults who smoke cigarettes. Unfortunately the knowledge of the deadly effects of tobacco haven’t stopped a huge number of our kids taking up this destructive habit. Indeed, over 90% of today’s smokers started when they were too young to legally buy tobacco for themselves. If you a parent then it’s imperative you do all you can to decrease the likelihood of your offspring puffing on that first cigarette. After all, as any former smoker will tell you, giving up is an almost impossible task once you have developed the habit.

The unfortunate thing about smoking is that there is only so much you can do to ensure your own kids say no to nicotine. You can give them all the information in the world, but at the end of the day you have to let them loose and hope they make the right decisions. Children have always believed they are invisible, and choose not to worry about the future, so there is always the chance they will cave in when confronted by peer pressure.

Although smoking cigarettes is not seen to be quite as cool today as it was in the era of Humphrey Bogart it still holds a certain allure to young ones who want to grow up as quickly as possible. This is especially so if they come from an environment where adults light up on a regular basis, whether that’s with tobacco products, or the new e cigarette smoking replacement which are gainly popularity as a nicotine delivery device.

All parents will have to decide for themselves the best way to approach the topic of smoking with their kids but we’ll give you a few pointers to make the job a little easier for you when the time comes:

  1. When talking about smoking with them try to stop yourself from talking down to them in a manner which is going to make them want to rebel against your authority.
  2. Introduce the dangers of tobacco to your children from a young age and continue to inform them as they grow up so that by the time they reach their teenage years they will be in doubt that using tobacco is a bad idea.
  3. Encourage them to build their lives around healthy activities such as sports so that they are less likely to make decisions which will affect their performance.
  4. Try as much as possible to keep them in an environment where the people they respect don’t smoke.

Do all you can to prevent them from being tempted, but remember that they are their own person and there’s only so much you can do to get them make the best possible choices before they reach adulthood.

Cordyceps & School Age Children

Children_CordycepsOriginally discovered in the mountains of China, Cordyceps has become a great medicinal component that is used in the cure of several diseases today. It is a fungus that stays on certain caterpillars is mainly used in the treatment of diseases such as respiratory disorders, coughs, kidney disorders, bronchitis, liver disorders and high cholesterol among other others. Even though most of these diseases occur in adults, some of them are significant with school age children some of whom are in day care.

Since the discovery of Cordyceps, there has been a lot of research that has been conducted to determine its effects and reactions to various diseases in different kinds of people. The studies have been conducted with the drug in various forms of supplements. However, a great section of the studies has shown that Cordyceps can be very effective in addressing immunological failure in children. Even though, in most occasions that the tests were conducted, the drug was used in combination with other drugs, the main component of the supplements used was Cordyceps. In other research, the drug was also mixed with children’s food. However, in almost all of the studies, it was established that Cordyceps has the potentiality to increase the adaptive capacity in children who are old enough to be in day care in instances where they experience increased mental and physical stress.

The drug can be used in ensuring comprehensive rehabilitation of children who appear to be sickly. Most of the research conducted in day care centers revealed that Cordyceps is an effective remedy for children who are ailing from intestinal giardiasis, which is linked to intestinal dybiosis after the administration of an antibiotic to them. Apart from just this, the drug can also be used in strengthening the immune system of children to be able to control colds and even coughs. However, this cannot be said to be the much that Cordyceps can do in children, there are still various studies underway to determine the medicinal benefits of Cordyceps in children.

Beat the Bullies: Apply These 3 Amazing Moves

One of the major concerns of parents is bullying. As much as we want to protect our children from any possible harm or danger happening to them like the bullies in their school, we don’t have the powers to be there for them all the time. They must learn also how to deal with this kind of scenario. That’s why with proper communication with your children, tell them when these kinds of problems arise, they must be open and report any untoward incidents or any forms of bullying happening to them. Being well informed about the situation will help you and your kid to face the bullies effectively. In case you want more advice on how to beat the bullies, there are online websites offering help and services on this matter. Just type the correct keywords when searching the internet, just like when looking for the best US IP proxy.

For your convenience, here are 3 amazing moves that you could teach your kid in defending himself/herself against the bullies at their schools. Read them carefully and learn from this topic:

1.     Show your kid how to assert oneself

If your child is complaining about a classmate or a kid at school saying foul words or doing actions intended to hurt him/her, teach your child how to become assertive and analyze the proper usage of words that they want to say to the bullies. Guide them in the right way that it is just appropriate to defend oneself when compelled to do so.

2.     Inform the school officials

In case your kid is again confronted by the bullies despite his/her defensive actions, this is the perfect time to inform the school officials or their teachers about the bullying. Be sure that your complaints are recorded and that a fair warning should be given to the kid concerned. See to it that a thorough investigation about this matter is conducted and prompt actions are done.

3.     Enroll your child to a karate or kid’s martial arts

Of course, you don’t want your kid to become a violent person, but it would be beneficial on your kid’s part to learn some skills in defending himself/herself in situations beyond limits. Enroll your kid to a summer workshop either in karate or martial arts suitable for their age. Not only this program will teach them the basics of defending oneself, this will also help your kid to become confident. Give yourself some peace of mind and prevent the bullies from doing physical harm to your kid.

May the above tips enlightened issues related on the concepts of bullying. Make your child feel secure at all times and strong enough to face any challenges wherever he/she maybe.


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Disney World With Preschoolers.

Many people are put off going to Disney World with toddlers because, understandably, they fear that it will be a complete nightmare. That isn’t the case though if you plan ahead and do your research. I would always recommend going self catering. We stayed in a huge luxury condo at the Caribe Cove Resort. This was great as we didn’t have to worry about fitting in with hotel meal times etc but we still benefited from the usual resort facilities. Check out the Disney website before you go and take note in advance of the attractions that are suitable for preschoolers. When you get there you will find plenty of services to make your visit easier such as stroller rental, baby care centers and changing rooms.


The key for a successful trip is research and luckily the internet has made this much, much easier.  You can look up reviews of sites, hotels and activities before you go.  Make a list of places you want to see and even book them in advance, you’ll rarely get a better deal by just turning up than you can get online.    In fact if you use a US proxy server then you can even book local rates which are normally only available to residents, a bit sneaky but it saves money!

The reality is that when  you’re on holiday the less decision making you have to do, the better you’ll enjoy yourself.   It can be stressful trying to organise and pay for additional activities whilst on holiday – if you do it before hand it becomes much simpler.   For example last time we visited, we decided that we wanted to experience a balloon trip over Disney World.  If you wait until you get there, you’ll have to choose from a selection of leaflets or adverts on the side of the road – none of which will give you an accurate idea of what’s involved.   Do this from you home over the internet and you can use review sites like Trip Advisor to find out which are the best value for money.

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Are Toddlers Too Young to Play Soccer?

With all the concern over growing childhood obesity rates in the US it is important that even toddlers as young as 3 are encouraged to get up from in front of television and get outside to play. The problem for parents often is though finding something for toddlers to do. some parents have found a great answer though – soccer.

Most 3 year olds are not going to understand too much about the rules of soccer and no reasonable parent would expect them too. Playing soccer though can help them get the exercise they need, mingle with other children their age and begin to learn a little bit about sharing and teamwork.

3 year olds tend to be very keen to try new things and many get very excited about wearing soccer cleats, little soccer uniforms and getting their own soccer ball. They also enjoy getting out and playing with other children (the occasional squabble not withstanding) For toddlers soccer should be about having fun though, not about competition or who might be better than someone else.

The problems with toddlers playing soccer tend to start when parents get a little over enthusiastic and start believing that their kid is the next David Beckham.  Just because you spend your evenings watching the world’s top soccer stars, although you’ll need an IP cloaker to watch the premiership coverage properly.

A good soccer trainer or coach though will usually not let that kind of pressure interfere with the children’s enjoyment of the game and there are a growing number of preschool soccer teams that parents can enroll toddlers in.

Will a 3 year old who begins plays soccer that young play the game for life? Many do as they never quite lose their love of the game. Others will eventually find a different activity that interests them more but they do get a nice introduction to sports in general as well as plenty of very healthy for them exercise.


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Becoming a Daycare Provider: 5 Entry Level Job Requirements

A daycare provider is a job dedicated in rendering valuable service to families. Also, it is an easy home-based business that requires a lot of passion in dealing with kids. The accountability of daycare providers lies in providing children’s needs – be it snacks or toys to play with. The advantage of hiring people for entry level jobs is that parents can go on with their hectic schedule since the children’s safety is assured. To become a licensed daycare provider, here are five requirements:

  • Contact the child services department in your state. This is a crucial step for you to know specific requirements and laws to follow. Take note that requirements differ regardless of the locality you belong, so be aware of the ones that applies most. However, some states do not require licensing for daycare providers regardless of circumstances.
  • Make sure that you have completed all the requirements for issuing daycare provider license. You must be over 18 years of age with a Social Security number in order to be qualified for this entry level job. Previous experience (at least two years) in looking after a child or children is also required.
  • Seek the assistance of a caseworker regarding training or classes you’re required to undergo for certification. A caseworker is assigned by the child services department to do a background check on you. This is to make sure that you are fit to become a daycare provider.
  • While waiting for your license to be issued, take some online courses. Although it’s not compulsory, taking these courses is strongly encouraged since they provide the essential amount of information on topics related to daycare jobs.
  • Check the paperwork provided by the child services department (sent via email). Fill out all the information completely and truthfully. When you’re done, send back the paperwork to the child services department through email. The processing of your submitted paperwork will take 2 – 3 weeks.
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The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Children

Massage therapy, frequently used by adults for stress and muscle pain relief, can also be highly beneficial for children of all ages.  Massage is used therapeutically at many children’s hospitals across the world to help children with a wide range of health conditions from cystic fibrosis to heart transplants to burns.  Massage techniques are employed to help with circulation, drain the lymphatic system, relieve acute or chronic pain, and to simply provide a relaxing touch during challenging treatments.

Massage can also be used for behavior modification, as demonstrated in a 2008 study in Sweden.  In the long-term study, massage was shown to decrease aggressive behavior in preschool children at day care centers.  The relaxing effects of massage even caused the children’s deviant behavior to decrease at home.

If you are interested in learning about massage therapy for your child, you can speak with a massage therapy center in your city for a referral or you can contact a local children’s hospital to see if they offer programs for non-patients.

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Teaching Your Kids Using the Internet

As an educational resource the internet is truly amazing, it certainly provides a resource most of us parents could only have dreamed about when we were young.    But what’s sort of age is it best to allow kids to start using a computer and the internet, well in my opinion the earlier the better.

Kids adapt to technology without any issues – the majority will take to using a mouse, keyboard or whatever input device you put in front of them with ease.  Older starters with computers often have problems with the coordination of using a mouse with the screen but I’ve never really seen even the youngest child struggle for very long.

There are some wonderful games and online resources specifically for younger kids too.  Interactive stories are my youngest child’s favorite – the story is told on screen but after each page is finished you can click on the components in the story which are individually animated.    The interaction helps maintain their interest and you can gradually introduces the specific words and even spellings  by using the right age targeted story books.

The internet also gives you access to a treasure trove of free resources online too.  In addition to story books, you can find coloring books,  nursery rhymes, science, art and even geography all for younger children.  Mostly for free and all with the interactive media that most children love and enjoy using.

It can even offer alternatives to childrens TV channels, some of the big media sites rebroadcast their kids shows online.  It can give you access to some of the BBC’s award winning kids Tv shows for example across the internet.  For those who are based outside the United Kingdom then check out this useful blog post I found – How to Watch BBC Iplayer abroad.  This covers the technical workaround using proxies and stuff to allow you to access the BBC content.

There is obviously a great opportunity for exposing your kids to foreign languages earlier on too.   They can watch their favorite shows in French or German if you go to the correct countries media sites.

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Preschool – Is It Really Beneficial For Your Children?

There can often be a misunderstanding with the differences between preschool and childcare. Childcare can be a great option for busy parents that need somebody to look after their child whilst at work but with preschool 3 and 4 year old children are not only looked after but are also exposed to early learning techniques with shapes and numbers. Studies have shown (ref NIEER) that children that go to a quality preschool start kindergarten with stronger pre reading skills as well as improved vocabularies and basic maths skills.

As well as the above skills children that have attended these kind of schools show strong socializing skills and a greater level of confidence. The only real downside to preschool is that the terms only run from September to May.

Whatever expectations you have for your child growing up, maybe a doctor, a lawyer or something that isn’t so main stream like a scientist specialising in research for the electronic cigarette industry or working in film and TV, it is always best to give them every advantage in terms of learning and bettering themselves no matter what their age. This is why preschool could prove instrumental if the right  program and school is chosen at an early stage in their lives.

Review of Childhood Nutrition – Natural Refrigerated Foods

From the earliest age, proper childhood nutrition is essential to the healthy growth of your kids. Many mothers spend large amounts of time fretting about whether or not their child is being provided the ideal mixes of foods.

One question that often comes up is whether or not baby food should be kept in the refrigerator; reviews on this subject are inevitably mixed. When preparing milk for babies, the usual advice is to warm it slightly – but the science behind this seems weak.  Some people claim milk is warm better for encouraging toddlers to speak. Others, however, suggest that cold milk tastes better – and is perhaps more nutrient rich.

For older toddlers, solid food can be prepared ahead of time.  In cases like this it is always advisable to refrigerate the food.  You definitely want to avoid keeping food that is prepared in advance at room temperatures, as this can potentially lead to the development of unhealthy bacteria. Refrigeration of pre-prepared baby food is an absolute must.

Another question young mother frequently have is regarding the benefits of processed baby foods. Some moms will serve nothing but homemade organic foods to their children. Others swear by the merits of Gerber or Heinz jarred baby foods from the supermarket, and their ubiquitous advertising constantly pushes their case.

Medical experts are no help in this matter.  If you consult enough doctors, you will receive votes in favor of all the various combinations discussed according to their personal preference.  This is very frustrating to parents trying to do the right thing.

As all parents learn, we can ask all the questions we want – but when it really comes down to it you must make your own decisions.  Whether it is processed or natural baby food, served warm or refrigerated, the choices you make are yours and yours alone.