Expanding the Learning Horizons of Little Ones

Expanding the Learning Horizons of Little Ones

For  the longest time I have believed that if you start a kid on a path early enough then it will absorb the information into its little sponge of a brain and it will grow there like a seed. I have read on many websites about children as young as three who are being educated in languages and mathematics that would baffle someone three times their age.  I fully intend to do the same with my boys when they are that age.  I mean if this gives them an advantage over others n their peer group then so much the better.

However, I know that kids need to play as much as they can to learn social skills and to stay healthy so I decided to open a play park that was both fun and educational at the same time. I would base the swings and chutes and such on numbers and letters, even the climbing frames would have large lettering on them, and I would have a drawing wall where they could splash poster paints and such. However, funding this was a problem and I needed to access some cash from the council to help fund it. So off I went.

But on my way off came the chain and split my sprocket and it left me without transport and that was a real bummer. However, I ordered a new chain and sprockets and was fixed up within a few days when my order arrived bang on time. Motorcycle fixed, I was able to ride to the council building with my proposal and hand out for help.

No such luck there! My idea was a good one they said, but it lacked proper structure and whole lot of other  platitudes that were meant to say ‘get lost’ without hurting my feelings. Still I am not down yet and will make another move towards garnering the money from the national education minister…I hope!

Start Drinking Coconut Milk after Mother’s Milk

There is a common preconception in the West that children need to drink cow’s milk to grow up healthy. This notion is very much confined to America, Europe and Australasia. In Asia, Africa and other places in the world it is the norm for children to stop drinking milk when they stop drinking mother’s milk. Indeed many Asian’s have an intolerance to lactose that makes it impossible for them to eat dairy products or drink cow’s milk.

The dairy industry in the West is beset by financial pressures. The notion of happy cows chewing on grass in fields is far removed from reality. The food industry has become dominated by a few major food companies and supermarket chains. In order to gain contracts to supply milk, dairy farmers must conform to the regulations of these companies. This means pumping the cows full of drugs and shutting them up for long periods of time. Milk is becoming distinctly ‘unnatural’. It was always ‘unnatural’ when you think that the milk from a cow is intended for a calf not for people.

A great alternative to cow’s milk is coconut milk. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. It contains both iron and calcium to help bone growth. It is as good for children as cow’s milk. Indeed, coconut milk is unusual in that it also contains lauric acid which is an antimicrobial agent that is found in mother’s milk. Lauric acid protects the body from viral infections. Cow’s milk does not contain a significant amount of lauric acid.

Thus, it is a good idea to start your child on coconut milk when they stop breast feeding. It is organic, safe and very healthy. And what is more you are not contributing to the mistreatment of animals, and hopefully you are helping to break the monopoly that a few multi-national companies have on our diets.

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The Importance of Computers for Kids

My daughter is only 15 months old and already she is fascinated with computers and smart phones. She sees me typing away and she is fascinated. She will tap away at the table next to me, emulating my actions. She only needed to see a smart phone once to understand that you touch the screen and drag your finger across the screen to move from one picture to another. Children seem to pick up the basics of using technology much quicker than their parents.

It is important that toddlers receive computer education either formally at school or informally at home. The future will be about information. Those who have access to the internet will have a huge advantage over those that do not. Those children who know how to use a computer to send emails, search for information, upload information and communicate with others will be those with a head start in life.

Traditional systems of education can be very boring. Often lessons are not interactive. The teacher gives a lecture and the students repeat in rote fashion. Their is little fun or imagination in this approach. Computers allow children to learn far more interactively. They can do geography quizzes. The computer can ask ‘where is Koh Phangan?‘ and the child can click on a map, zooming in and place a marker where they think the island is. If they are correct they can be rewarded with a cool graphic and little ditty. This type of interactive learning can be applied to nearly any topic. The child will learn much quicker.

And of course in the future many of these children will grow up and will be writing programs to teach other children. A circle of excellence will prevail.

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