Curiosity And The 3 Year Old Child

Curiosity And The 3 Year Old Child

At the age of three, kids are begin a completely different stage of their lives. Natural curiosity is leading them to discover and explore the world around them. It is also a time when you can start to observe developments of personality traits of your child. They start to know who they are and what they want and it is very important to build up clear borders and rules that will add to child stabilization and security.

It is very important to build up relationships based on trust. There are few things we can do stimulate personal growth of three year old’s.

  1. Create routines for your child. A good schedule will let you fulfill your own plans and will give to your child a stronger sense of security. It is less likely that a child will cry because of a bath or the time when they have to go to sleep as they naturally adopt the routine as habit. When they grow up it will also make their lives easier when it comes to keeping structure.
  2. Read to a child. It will not only develop your relationship with your child but it will also develop a child’s  imagination and vocabulary. Every day reading is always a good idea as it tends to expands a child’s knowledge about the world. You can pick thematic books that will describe every day life, use of different items or even a stroll about in the local nature park.
  3. Try to create a colourful room for your child. Pick calming colours and toys that are interesting while supporting intellectual development. You do not have to sell gold to do so. Sometimes your own imagination is the most important in creating colourful and children friendly environment. Three years old can be fascinated by the simplest things. Let them to be involved in changes they will be more than happy to help.
  4. Introduce them to new experiences and languages.  I was testing a Polish proxy on my laptop and noticed how my little one was fascinated watching cartoons in Polish.

Technical reference:

James Williams: BBC iPlayer Canada

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My 3 Year Old Paint Drinker

My little boy and I have been getting along really well since his terrible twos. Everything was just fine until this past week. We have been starting some new activities together which had been absolute an absolute blast. We started to do aren’t together that made me feel like a real dad. Finger paints, glueing together collages, all kinds of arts and crafts. It’s great because he’s also learning about cleaning up after making a mess.

But on Saturday I decided to take him for a treat. We went to our local ice cream parlor and I shared with my son our first milkshake. He loved every last drop. He took out the straw, and played with it.  Watching it drip back into the glass and then sucked up every last drop with a big smile on his face. I was very happy to have brought so much joy to my little son.

When I got him home we started playing with arts and crafts, it wasn’t too long before I realized that our green paint was almost gone I looked at our paintings and saw very little of it used,. I was confused. That was when my little boy smiled at me and I saw his bright green teeth. It seems that, taste was very little of the joy my son had enjoyed, it was mostly the slick syrupy texture. The similarity of consistency that was convincing him to drink our, luckily non-toxic, finger paint. Over the course of the next two weeks he tried every color of paint we had in the house, as well as most of the glues. We now have a house devoid of all artistic materials besides colored pencils. He’s a lovely boy but he’s making it difficult for us because while we are searching for a larger property to rent. Now, we are adding to the list of things we need. Cabinets five feet high, is at the top of that list.

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How A Three Year Old Develops

Whilst every child develops at a different rate, most follow a particular sequence of events that are usually quite predictable.  This is a run down of how a three year old may develop.

Exploration is the key to learning for a three year old and he or she will use all their senses dto garner as much information as possible.  Even when you take them out of their baby stroller, they will be running around, picking things up, smelling and tasting as they go.  Their language will also really improve and not only will they learn heaps more new words, they will also start to understand pronunciation and be able to form simple sentences.  You will find that your three year old will really enjoy starting conversations with you and will even talk, with you prompting, about their personal experiences. Not only will conversation progress but communication in the form of stories, poems and riddles will all be understood a little better.

With added ability to move about and to run and play comes the ability to offer emotions in the forms of hugs and kisses for other playmates.  Although your three year old loves to explore and play, they still feel the need to be close to parents and other familiar adults at all times.  They will begin to learn about emotion and why they feel a certain way and what different physical actions mean.

Although this piece only covers a small part of how a child develops at the age of three, it shows how aware children can be at this age and how much of a sponge of information they become.  They are heavily influenced by what they can see so it is important to teach them as much as you can during this important development phase.