The Carbon Issue

The Carbon Issue

The media can be a misleading thing for children. I recently had my 6 year old daughter ask me: “Dad, why is carbon bad?” I quizzed her why she thought carbon was bad and she told me that she had seen on the news about the need to reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions is a sound bite that can be misleading. It is a misnomer. It is not carbon per se that is causing the world’s weather to warm up and melt the polar ice caps. Rather it is carbon dioxide that is given off by cars, industry, people breathing etc. that is the problem. It is not only carbon dioxide that is to blame for global warming. Other greenhouse gases such as methane are also contributing to the green house effect.

Carbon is not the enemy. It is the way that we use carbon based products and processes that is causing the problem. Graphite carbon is used to make pencils. Carbon brushes make the commutators for cars. Carbon electrodes are used for electrical discharge machining that makes turbines and aerospace technology. Nanocarbons with their large surface area are revolutionizing engineering and design. Rather than saying carbon is to blame, it should be recognized that carbon based technology may actually help us beat our dependency on fossil fuels (the burning of which releases carbon dioxide).

We cannot innovate and tackle the problems of global warming without using carbon based technology. It is important to make these distinctions clear to children. We should also do more to make the media avoid sound bites that are misleading our children. It is the battle of the teacher, it seems, to correct the erroneous views that children pick up from watching the TV.

Above, is a kids Youtube video that is funny but has the basic facts right. Although the phrase ’global warming’ is said too often and somewhat ominously.


Swimming since I was 3

SwimmingAs a kid, I always feared water. When I was about 10, I fell into a waterfall that was too high for my height and was rescued by the nearby village farmers when I was swept away by the force of water. I guess I attracted that event into my life. However, it was after that accident that I decided to learn swimming and I’m now a regular swimmer. Today, I have a three year old girl. She’s an extremely gorgeous toddler. Last month, I decided to get into water with her. At first, she never gave in and hated the sight of water but sooner, she got accustomed to it and now in about three weeks, enjoys playing in water.

I have always believed and read pretty often too that swimming helps in the overall development of a toddler. Their body and mind coordination, emotional and physical growth and overall outlook get affected by swimming in a positive way. My 3 year old loves to drink her favorite chocolate milk shake after swimming. I bought a wheatgrass juicer recently and make sure she gets a good drink after an hour of swimming. However, you must always be careful with toddlers in water. There is no way you can move away from them no matter how much you may feel they can swim on their own. Statistics say that most toddler deaths occur due to parent or guardian negligence. It is important to always have an eye on them and their surroundings.

Swimming also is a great form of exercise because it keeps the kids healthy and fit. Many kids around the world are victims of obesity and diabetes. Swimming is the best way to keep these problems at bay. Swimming also helps toddlers exercise without getting hurt. If you have got a toddler at home, get the champion into water!