Childhood Science Education by Chiropractors

Childhood Science Education by Chiropractors

I was having a conversation with my Miami chiropractor the other day and he was telling me about the importance of early childhood education.  Evidently, his wife does education research for the state of Florida and had attended medical school for a time as well, so she feels a connection to the sciences.  He said that starting science education, much like all early childhood programs, allows children to feel more comfortable with science and math as well.  That comfort allows children to excel in subjects that they might not otherwise choose as careers.

There is hope, the use of technology means that people can now see the possibilities that these subjects can offer.  Browsing through job opportunities in other countries is an ideal way to see there’s so many different choices available in the world.  I’ve even used an automatic IP changer to switch people between countries so that they can even pick up a random viewpoint every few minutes.

Personally, living in Miami we see it all the time.  Local universities and schools simply can’t get enough kids to attend in math and science, so companies have to hire workers from oversees to make the numbers work.  It’s disappointing, but I hope this type of research can help turn around the quality of science education in this country, while also helping kids to be excited about science class in a way they aren’t currently.

John Williams:

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