Make Your Home Safe

Make Your Home Safe

Right now my toddler is in to exploring and is trying to get his grubby little hands into everything , which has get my thinking about safety around the house and now that he can move himself around it is really difficult to stop him trying to explore and discover things.

Its lead me to have to get some safety devices for the home

First all being at the size where his head is at around the same height as the sharp corners of our coffee table and things we felt it was a good idea to get cushions for the corners to help protect him when he is running about and not looking where he is going.

We also invested in some plastic socket covers to avoid things getting stick in the sockets and someone getting electrocuted.  These plastic stoppers fit into the plug socket and are very difficult for small hand to remove.

Recently I found Zac with an expensive bottle of whisky from in his hand. Where he must have pulled on the cupboard and been able to grab what was inside, luckily he wasn’t able to get the cap off the bottle but I got me to wandering where else he could get into and what he could get his hands on. So with the other product I got set of cupboard locks/safety catches and applied them to all the cupboards so there will be no issue of them getting open and things been taken out without me knowing


The TV was sitting on a table in the corner of the room on a TV table, having read in the paper recently about kids being trapped underneath a TV that has fallen off a desk that hadn’t been secured down correctly. It was important that we got the 42” flat screen secured down so that there was no chance of it falling off and landing on Zac. 

Teaching your kids early on

From a very young age kids start learning all sorts of different stuff and it their parent’s job to ensure that they are on the right track. The best way to do this is to lead by example and not just by words. Obviously this is easier said than done obviously – but that should not be an excuse for not educating your children properly.

For example, the other day I was doing some stuff in my kitchen using my favorite immersion blender when one of my kids asked me if she could “play” with it. I didn’t want to say “no” to her, but I also did not wanted her to be messing around with an appliance like that around my kitchen.

So instead of giving a simple “no” as my answer, I had to go through a lot of explanation on showing her why playing with that toy was not a good idea and why I believed she would be better off playing with something else like her iPad.

On these cases, usually it is better to give your kid something else to play with because she will probably not just “stop” and do nothing – she will continue searching for something to do, so if you can fill that hole, so the better.

Obviously you do have to be careful and not discourage too much, it’s natural to want to play and explore.  Safety is the primary concern but you don’t want to end up with your kids permanently transfixed by Netflix or the TV just because it’s the safest option.



Teaching The Dangers Of Cigarettes Early

For many adults the risks of smoking tobacco are clear as day but they still, in some circumstances, make a personal choice to continue. This is mostly down to their addiction to nicotine and the fear of trying to break the habit. Some would argue attempting to convince these people to quit is a waste of resources that would be better spent educating children from a younger age. A shocking 90% of smokers start in childhood and many are drawn to it because they think it makes them look older, more independent and appear cooler. For those that smoke an alternative is a great step forward and using a discount code to save money on an electronic cigarette is a great step, although they contain nicotine they deliver it without the need of tobacco and the thousands of chemicals it contains. Start educating kids at a young enough age and the amount of smokers could be cut dramatically.

Web design templates designed for children to use

Having a site is essential nowadays simply because this will help you maximize the prospect of advertising your small business to some larger audience, who use and access the world wide web. If the site will be real estate information regarding your products and solutions, it ought to have an attractive appearance and look professional. This may cause your visitors especially children, think that you might be a reliable company and that they will sense better with regards to checking out your products or services. Whether it is very simple to use and find their way, the children can learn more about your products that will aid them buy this eventually.

Usually select web design templates which might be thoroughly clean, finished, and straightforward to use. Naturally, its also wise to base your web site templates on the objective market that will be accessed for the children. If you are with children or youngsters, your web site must have a lot more shades and will appear exciting. Even now, your website should stay easy to use though your online site’s design is a bit extraordinary as compared to other that was designed for any audience associated with older people. In case you are a newbie and would like to build your current company’s website, you might get confused concerning how to deal with this case.

Websites will certainly help your organization prosper, since it provides throughout consumers which will you achieve, nevertheless through the help of the web you might achieve it. Web site templates will make your website easier to develop that children can used free of charge or produced by skilled makers also. Make sure that what you choose will match your site content material and are identified simple to use through your visitors especially the young ones to enable them to appreciate your web site for a long period.


Teaching Responsibility to Your Kids

Some people are very irresponsible even if they are already old. This is because they were not taught about the sense of responsibility while they were still young. As a result, these people always depend on others. They also tend to blame other people for their mistakes.

Because of this, it is very important to instill a sense of responsibility in your kids at a very young age. This will help them be a better person in the future. Now if you don’t know how to teach your kids about responsibility, continue reading this.

Let Them Take Care of Themselves
Teach self-care to your kids. Every once in a while, let them brush their teeth, take a bath on their own or put on their clothes. Then after they do so, compliment them by saying that they were very responsible for taking care of their selves.

Use Technology

Like it or not TV, computers and smart phones will play a huge part in your children’s lives.   Don’t try and stop them using this technology but do ensure they appreciate the risks and dangers – invest in a secure VPN service to protect their connection and data.  Also make sure you do monitor what  they do.

Let Your Kids Participate in Household Chores
This will let your kids feel that they are needed. Let them wash the dishes or prepare the table at least once a day. After they did the chores assigned to them, do not forget to praise them.

Give Your Kids a Pet
If they have a pet, they will know that they are responsible for taking care of it. The best pet that you can give them is a cat as it doesn’t need much grooming and attention. Just be sure to provide  a place to sleep. Also, teach your child how to take care of it.

Those are just some of the few things that you may do to help your kids become responsible.

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Education Opportunities on the Ipad

If you see any youngster using a computer you realise quite how natural they are with technology.  I can guarantee that it’s easier to show a four year old how to use a mouse rather than someone

in their 40s.  In fact most kids pick these things up completely based on intuition.   The same goes with the IPad – very young children can use it with virtually no instruction at all.

The education experience is though dependent on the software available and there’s no shortage of quality education software available for the Ipad.  My youngest actually uses an application to access and watch TV3 online, the reason? So her best friend from Warsaw can watch cartoons in Polish!

The device is ideal to bring education and fun together and a great little application for younger children is called Fish school.  The fish swim through a series of learning challenges and rewards the children with games after completion.  It’s got great graphics and a wonderful soundtrack which the fish swim along to.

The reward concept is also strong in ’Build a Zoo’ where children have to fill a zoo with animals.  These are earned by completing various task like spelling, maths and quizzes – all the levels increase in difficulty which helps keep the kids interested and challenged.

Of course there are hundreds of other apps for all ages you can also use it in other ways for entertaining children.  It is now possible to access BBC Iplayer abroad on the Ipad by using a VPN – there are some wonderful BBC childrens programs which you will then be able to access.   It’s also worth checking out the various drawing, art or books that you can access through the Apple store all usually very reasonably priced.



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Children and Wine?

The wine industry certainly needs to be careful with how it markets itself.  No one inside or outside the industry wants people under the age of 21, especially children to be able to buy wine.

When you give a wine gift to someone, there should be some sort of process to make sure that the wine you shipped will not be consumed by someone underage.

So what place do children have at a winery or within the wine industry?  The wine industry itself is incredibly child friendly, largely because most wineries are still family owned and operated. Additionally, quite a few schools in the Bay Area of California are using their relationships with wineries to help them teach science and math which are in increasingly short supply in the United States.


iPhone game Apps for kids

The iPhone is a great entertainment tool for adults and kids as well. For toddlers, there is a game whereby the toddler has to peek behind a variety of objects in a scene, in search of Gumbo the pet dog. This game is called ‘where is Gumbo’. For those kids that are artistically inclined, ‘Colorama’ is a great game, which they can play on the iPhone. It comes with over 50 drawings for the child to color.

The pictures can then be saved and emailed using the iPhone. Younger kids from age 4 to 10 can benefit from a number of game applications on the iPhone such as ‘Scoops’ where the child has to using ice cream scoops. ‘Brain Toot’ is another game that these children can play and it involves mathematical problems that are however, presented in a manner that is entertaining. Older kids can also enjoy themselves on the iPhone.

Scrabble, which is popular the world over is available and it is sure to keep the kids busy and the fact that it can be played by multiple players is an added advantage. ‘Bejeweled’ is another game that involves arranging jewels of the same color in a single row.

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Toddler Safety – Locks For Refrigerators


Whether for newly bought fridges and freezers or for existing refrigerators, the market for refrigerator and freezer locks is growing of late.  These devices are very handy for keeping toddlers out of these dangerous appliances!


With demand for these safety and security device for refrigerators and freezers growing recently, more and more appliance stores have started carrying locks for kitchen appliances.


The cheapest refrigerator lock you can get comes from Fridge Guard, which you can buy for well under ten dollars.  The Fridge Guard safety refrigerator lock is a one hook one latch refrigerator lock that is made from strong durable plastic with a high bond adhesive that is usually set up on top of the fridge.  This fridge lock is definitely recommended for those fridge owners who want to secure their refrigerator with a minimum of fuss.


The price tag for a higher quality fridge or freezer lock is close to thirty buck, the price for a MarineLock refrigerator lock.  This is one of the most expensive models that you can find.  MarineLock refrigerator locks require no drilling and work with peel and stick anchor pads, with an accompanying brass padlock. 


Most often than not, it is the price of the product that dictates its quality, durability and longevity so it is worth paying the extra money to avoid ending up with a cheap lock that is not effective.  If the cost concerns you, consider the alternative of purchasing a brand new refrigerator freezer with a built-in lock.  Refrigerator prices are not cheap, so you will save a lot by simply purchasing an after-market lock for your existing fridge freezer.



Starting Young

At the age of 5 Mozart had started composing his first music. At three years old Mozart could already play the violin and other instruments. John J. Stone-Parker at 4 years old is the youngest patent holder  for a gadget to stop ice slipping out of a glass. Walter Lines started the highly successful toy company ’Triang Toys’ when he was just 14. He invented the kids scooter when he was 15. Chester Greenwood invented earmuffs when he was 15 and made a fortune selling them to US soldiers for World War I.

These are all examples of people starting young on their careers as inventors, composers and entreprenuers. The moral is that it is never too young to start. Young people are naturally creative and have the energy to achieve great things. We must nurture talent and encourage children to pursue their dreams. We mustn’t stifle talent with a Gradgrind approach to education. We also shouldn’t tell young people to be more realistic and buckle down.

If your child wants to invent a new precision tooling machine, register a patent, learn a computer language, take up a musical instrument, learn a foreign language, write a book then wev as adults should help to make their learning journey easier, explain to them the salient issues and above all be supportive. Of course, we all have dreams as kids of being famous, of pushing the boundaries of human knowledge; and, sadly all but the 0.01% fail. But nevertheless, we shouldn’t let our mediocrity affect our children.

Martin Amis, the famous writer, said we all write as children; it is those who continue writing who become novelists. Even if you don’t become a famous novelist you will surely have learnt a lot about prose, literature and the power of language. This could well lead on to a fulfilling career in another related field. The world is full of people doing jobs they don’t like. Do you want a similar fate to befall your kid?