The World of a Three Year Old

The World of a Three Year Old

It’s a time to explore the world of language and communication. Three year olds enjoy making up stories and listening to them – those with animals in them are especially popular.  If you are looking for quality then check out t he pre-school programmes from the BBC on their channel CBeebies.  If you’re outside the United Kingdom, you can watch  the shows abroad as well – just have a look at this post for information –

Three year olds will also be developing a sense of humour. So you can tap into this with their games, silly is the operative word – don’t make play too serious for a three year old.  Try starting with simple word games or jigsaw puzzles with a funny picture behind them.  You will find that a three old is starting to be able to amuse themselves without your input.  Again check out some of the shows on CBBC like this –

But it’s also a time for action play, three year olds are normally very active and one of the best ways to encourage this is through exploring.  Try to give them opportunities for climbing and jumping, it’s essential for improving their motor skills.  If you have access to play or dance classes this is the time to try them out.

One of the first milestones I remember with my three year old was a whole meal being eaten using a knife and fork.  It’s such an exciting time for both child and parents, counting, drawing and even dressing all start in this year.  Your little one’s starting to become just a little but self sufficient.

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