My Curous Three Years Old Nephew



I have three years old nephew that have the biggest curiosity ever. Whenever and wherever we go, if there is something that he have not seen or known before, he will ask me about it. He is very cute with his curiosity eyes looking at me. His eyes always shine every time I explain what automatic pet feeder is to him. He is just three years old but he is listening to me, as he truly wants to know about it. I think that at the age of three years old, kids’ brain is developing. I guess as a parents or adults we need to give him stimulus to help them more. 

One night before going to bed, he asks me how is it to be grown up. Well, very unexpected question. I say I like to be an adult, what more surprise me is he says that he like to be kid than to be an adult because being adult (his mom) means never at home anymore and always busy with work. I truly do not expect him to be so understanding about the situation he is in. That is another proof that sometimes kids also have a feeling that something is happening around him. I love my nephew so much and I am very proud of him.


Importance of School

So my son attends a nursery school a few hours a day and the experience of watching him grow has shown me how important school is starting at about 3 years old, or younger.

Yes, there are some very real and good changes which happen on a social level, he is learning to play with others kids and to work out any differences he has with them.  I’ve seen him become more patient overall with other kids, as well as gaining a nice understanding of when he does need to stand up for himself.

Additionally, being around slightly older kids has helped to teach him more and a varied grasp of language.  Additionally since the families take turns providing snacks, we see him trying a range of new foods and improving his eating habits.  Overall the experience has been invaluable to his development!


Healthy Habits: Setting An Early Example

As a young child, I remember my mom crash dieting all the time to maintain her figure. She would sustain herself on diet cola and cigarettes when she was dieting.  When she wasn’t dieting, I remember her sitting down in the living room with a bag of tortilla chips and a can of bean dip and finishing it all off in one sitting. And exercise was NEVER on her radar.  

While I was a fairly active child, spending hours roaming the neighborhood and riding bikes with my friend, as I got older I adopted a lot of the same habits as my mom. I was a bit more active, participating in extracurricular activities; but when I was at home, I was a couch potato.  Needless to say, I did not have the healthiest eating and exercise habits either.  

I struggled with my weight as I started adolescence, and fought even harder once I hit adulthood to maintain my weight. Eventually, after visiting, it dawned on me that I needed to work harder to set a better example for MY children. I don’t want them to struggle with making smarter food choices, and I don’t want them to view exercise as a chore.  

That means I have made it a priority to set a good example that working out is not only FUN, but it is a necessary part of healthy living. If more of us take the initiative to do the same thing, I think we will have the answer to the alarmingly fast growing rate of childhood obesity which is plaguing kids these days. By exhibiting healthy habits such as eating right and exercising, we can plant the seeds early for our children to adopt a lifestyle centered around a healthy diet and the importance of a great workout.


Starting Early

Teaching children from an early age, no matter what the subject, can have benefits that have long been proven. Many games aimed at young children have some kind of capacity built in to teach them things like basic motor skills and these games are the most popular in the market. When you look at the animal kingdom the young are always at play but it is in this playing that they learn the vital skills that they will need to survive in life.

It can be said that we can also have a positive impact on children’s lives as well as the environment by starting to teach children about the importance of being environmentally friendly from and early age. By doing this the child will grow up with a better understanding of right and wrong and then hopefully will be able to appreciate the great sights in nature like rivers, streams and woods without them being polluted and full of litter.

Children’s TV is also starting to improve its output with healthy eating being a popular topic to cover, this can help in later life with children having the opportunity to avoid certain health issues and obesity which in turn can take a weight of burden of the countries health service.   Make sure that it’s high quality TV programming though which has an educational component.  The BBC has world class children’s TV shows available online through their iPlayer application although you’ll need a UK VPN to access it from outside the UK.

In fact investing in one of these services makes a lot of sense especially if you’re in an area which doesn’t provide high quality shows for children.  With a VPN service you can actually watch a whole host of stuff from all over the world, one of my children’s favourites is actually on RTE, the Irish national broadcaster.  It’s again normally blocked from my location but the VPN allows me to display an Irish IP address to watch unrestricted.



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Web Design Pricing For Math Websites

The Internet is a great place for children to have fun, and it can also be a very effective tool to help children learn more about tough school subjects like math. One way of helping children learn online is by offering an online math tutorials service which is both educational and fun. Even with the cost brought upon by web hosting and web design pricing, this invaluable service can be very worthwhile.

Tests and Games

Just like any other lesson in school, lessons can be learned by children and tests can be taken to see exactly how much they have learned. Unlike school exams, the results of these tests can be displayed immediately so that areas in which the children are having difficulties with, can be focused on afterwards. You can feature many random tests in your website, and you can discuss with your web designer how these features will affect the web design pricing. Just remember that these tests are necessary to track the children’s progress.

Of course, any site that wants to attract children must feature some fun games. You can offer various links to freeware games which employ math in some practical way, and perhaps the web designer can display screen grabs of the games to pique the interest of the children. The inclusion of these games will definitely affect the web design pricing, but they are an integral part of any website designed for children.

Additional Support

There should be a section reserved for parents and guardians as well, which could show the progress the children are making as they continue to pass more tests and post higher scores in the math games. More personalized tutoring may also be offered through webcam or even in person if you have the personnel on hand and your students live near your home base. Such services can help cover the costs of the website hosting and the web design pricing.

Teach Children Responsibility By Using Pet


Many people aware of having pet for their children. They still think of the healt risk for the kids, whether it will have bad effect or not.  Over all grows kids together with pet bring  some advantages for  chilhood learning.

First , pet teaches responsibibility to children. They can act as the pet sitter who has to feed, you can get them best automatic pet feeder to make their duty easier. They  just need to full fill when the bowl is empty.Telling  children for beeing responsible to  another creature’s survival can result in teaching important life lessons such as discipline, patience, kindness and attentiveness.Children  first learning class  is in their familly  growing pet together with them will help them to recognize real situation in their life. How they should responsible with their duty when they have to feed their pet, clean them and see the veterinarian when it is suddenly sick.


Kindle Market Targeting Three Year Olds

Seems quite amazing that a company like Amazon are actually specifically targeting such a young age group but it’s happening now.  It’s not even a single product but a subscription service based on the Kindle Fire tablet.  The idea is that the company want parents of children aged between 3 and 8 will pay a fee every month to allow children access to age specific games, books and videos on their Kindle Fires.

It’s called the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited service and apparently will give access to thousands of pieces of content.  The kids will be allowed to watch, play or read any of the content as many times as they wish.  The cost is quite reasonable at about $5 a month but will only be accessible in the US or Oz.

It is obviously looking at the US Ipad VPN like this sort of market as an inspiration.

Many are not very impressed with this and there are lots of worries about the content.  Amazon are assured that all content will be age appropriate and there will be no direct advertising allowed.  There are also reassurances that no payments or charges will be made during games and content – which has been a criticism of many applications on the IPad directed at younger children,

Some organisations have criticised the need for a “3 year old” entertainment centre when children of this age are much better playing and interacting with other children and their parents.  The temptation to use it as an electronic babysitter for young children is also a real worry for those concerned with child development.

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Learning at 3

So I recently was able to watch my son spend an entire day playing with his counsins who are 10, 8 and 4.  It was pretty fun to see as you might expect, as he had a truly incredible day from seeing a kids baseball game, to playing outside for close to four hours.  As you might expect, he slept crazy well that night!

I thought of this site for a main reason that he seems to learn quite a bit by watching others.  Of course, having the chance to play with his cousins for so long not only introduces him to different toys and playing in a diffrent space, but he also learnes different ways of playing.

Starting at 3, kids learn so much by observation, it’s a shame if parents are choosing to not model good behavior for them.  What do you think?


Teach Hypertension Dangers Early

The amount of force that the blood exerts on the arteries is known as the blood pressure. Normal Blood pressure gives a pretty good indication of how hard the heart is working. Blood pressure is expressed using two numbers. The top number is called the systolic.

The systolic pressure is a measure of the pressure that is forced on the arteries during heart beats. The bottom number is called the diastolic. The diastolic pressure is a measure of the  pressure that is forced on the arteries between heart beats. The blood pressure chart has changed a lot over the years. Today, a normal blood pressure is less than 120/80.

People whose systolic blood pressure falls between 120 and 139 or have a diastolic pressure that is between 80 and 89 are classified as being pre-hypertensive. Pre-hypertensive patients are at an increased  risk for developing high blood pressure. It is important to note that a person will still be classified as being pre-hypertensive if only one of these numbers is elevated. For example, if a person has a blood pressure that is 130/75, then he or she will still be diagnosed with prehypertension.

High blood pressure begins at 140/90. Again, if one of these numbers is elevated, then a person will still be diagnosed with high blood pressure. People who have hypertension will need to get it treated as soon as possible. Untreated hypertension can lead to heart attacks, kidney failure, strokes, blindness and  a number of other health problems. Treatment for hypertension consists of medication, dietary changes and/or exercise. The vast majority of patients with hypertension will need to get treatment for the rest of their lives.

Creating Beauty

giftsI didn’t realize it until a few years ago when my oldest son turned 3, but kids really do love art don’t they? I thought about it because I own a wine gift baskets business which largely relies on the beauty of our packaging to continue making sales.

Overall, we’re happy with what we’ve designed, but the whole issue of gender stereotypes and such came up the other day-I mean given the push we are already seeing for our daughter to end up in the sciences, can’t we see something similar for our son to do something artistic? Does it work in both directions? Can it?