The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Children

Massage therapy, frequently used by adults for stress and muscle pain relief, can also be highly beneficial for children of all ages.  Massage is used therapeutically at many children’s hospitals across the world to help children with a wide range of health conditions from cystic fibrosis to heart transplants to burns.  Massage techniques are employed to help with circulation, drain the lymphatic system, relieve acute or chronic pain, and to simply provide a relaxing touch during challenging treatments.

Massage can also be used for behavior modification, as demonstrated in a 2008 study in Sweden.  In the long-term study, massage was shown to decrease aggressive behavior in preschool children at day care centers.  The relaxing effects of massage even caused the children’s deviant behavior to decrease at home.

If you are interested in learning about massage therapy for your child, you can speak with a massage therapy center in your city for a referral or you can contact a local children’s hospital to see if they offer programs for non-patients.

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Teaching Your Kids Using the Internet

As an educational resource the internet is truly amazing, it certainly provides a resource most of us parents could only have dreamed about when we were young.    But what’s sort of age is it best to allow kids to start using a computer and the internet, well in my opinion the earlier the better.

Kids adapt to technology without any issues – the majority will take to using a mouse, keyboard or whatever input device you put in front of them with ease.  Older starters with computers often have problems with the coordination of using a mouse with the screen but I’ve never really seen even the youngest child struggle for very long.

There are some wonderful games and online resources specifically for younger kids too.  Interactive stories are my youngest child’s favorite – the story is told on screen but after each page is finished you can click on the components in the story which are individually animated.    The interaction helps maintain their interest and you can gradually introduces the specific words and even spellings  by using the right age targeted story books.

The internet also gives you access to a treasure trove of free resources online too.  In addition to story books, you can find coloring books,  nursery rhymes, science, art and even geography all for younger children.  Mostly for free and all with the interactive media that most children love and enjoy using.

It can even offer alternatives to childrens TV channels, some of the big media sites rebroadcast their kids shows online.  It can give you access to some of the BBC’s award winning kids Tv shows for example across the internet.  For those who are based outside the United Kingdom then check out this useful blog post I found – How to Watch BBC Iplayer abroad.  This covers the technical workaround using proxies and stuff to allow you to access the BBC content.

There is obviously a great opportunity for exposing your kids to foreign languages earlier on too.   They can watch their favorite shows in French or German if you go to the correct countries media sites.

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Preschool – Is It Really Beneficial For Your Children?

There can often be a misunderstanding with the differences between preschool and childcare. Childcare can be a great option for busy parents that need somebody to look after their child whilst at work but with preschool 3 and 4 year old children are not only looked after but are also exposed to early learning techniques with shapes and numbers. Studies have shown (ref NIEER) that children that go to a quality preschool start kindergarten with stronger pre reading skills as well as improved vocabularies and basic maths skills.

As well as the above skills children that have attended these kind of schools show strong socializing skills and a greater level of confidence. The only real downside to preschool is that the terms only run from September to May.

Whatever expectations you have for your child growing up, maybe a doctor, a lawyer or something that isn’t so main stream like a scientist specialising in research for the electronic cigarette industry or working in film and TV, it is always best to give them every advantage in terms of learning and bettering themselves no matter what their age. This is why preschool could prove instrumental if the right  program and school is chosen at an early stage in their lives.

Review of Childhood Nutrition – Natural Refrigerated Foods

From the earliest age, proper childhood nutrition is essential to the healthy growth of your kids. Many mothers spend large amounts of time fretting about whether or not their child is being provided the ideal mixes of foods.

One question that often comes up is whether or not baby food should be kept in the refrigerator; reviews on this subject are inevitably mixed. When preparing milk for babies, the usual advice is to warm it slightly – but the science behind this seems weak.  Some people claim milk is warm better for encouraging toddlers to speak. Others, however, suggest that cold milk tastes better – and is perhaps more nutrient rich.

For older toddlers, solid food can be prepared ahead of time.  In cases like this it is always advisable to refrigerate the food.  You definitely want to avoid keeping food that is prepared in advance at room temperatures, as this can potentially lead to the development of unhealthy bacteria. Refrigeration of pre-prepared baby food is an absolute must.

Another question young mother frequently have is regarding the benefits of processed baby foods. Some moms will serve nothing but homemade organic foods to their children. Others swear by the merits of Gerber or Heinz jarred baby foods from the supermarket, and their ubiquitous advertising constantly pushes their case.

Medical experts are no help in this matter.  If you consult enough doctors, you will receive votes in favor of all the various combinations discussed according to their personal preference.  This is very frustrating to parents trying to do the right thing.

As all parents learn, we can ask all the questions we want – but when it really comes down to it you must make your own decisions.  Whether it is processed or natural baby food, served warm or refrigerated, the choices you make are yours and yours alone.

Could Debt Settlement Be Your Answer?

If you are currently one of the millions of people who are stuck deep in credit card debt than you must consider the possibility of debt settlement as a means for debt relief.  Debt settlement has been proven to help people who are trapped in debt to save not only a lot of money but also time.  Most people find that they are debt free in just a few years, and in many cases will save close to half of what they currently owe on their credit cards.  For many this has been a savior for people who are financially strapped.  Take action before it becomes too late.


Schools teaching internet marketing are growing

Promoting products or services from a marketing campaign is one of the best and most practical days to make money online. There is no need to go through the grueling task of developing your own product and coming up with a lucrative compensation plan. All you need to do is look for the right opportunity and do your best to promote that product or service in order to make large commissions. However, there are literally thousands of companies to choose from and each one of them is saying that they are the best in their respective fields.

Thus, there are a few things that one should consider before signing up or promoting the first opportunity that presents itself. Luckily, there are already a lot of people ahead of us who willingly share their reviews, opinions, and experiences with a specific company. It is common for companies to withhold some information about their products or services and make it available only after you sign up, and almost all of them promises one thing – big earnings and a promising future. By reviewing insights from those who have already used the products and services, we would be able to make a more educated decision.

We share a common reason in joining or promoting an seo agency – to look for an alternative way to make money while being able to do the things we love to do and spend time on things and people that matter most. By getting more information on a company, we would be able to choose more wisely and reach our goals faster.


Health IS By Choice

One thing that generations thought was that you get handed with a good or bad health & there was nothing you could do about it. Obviously the parents didn’t know better to educate their children. Fortunately, now we have the necessary knowledge to provide our younger ones with better health in their adulthood.

The major causes of death and disability in the United States are related to diet and lifestyle. This includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, obesity, several forms of cancer, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases. Seven out of ten deaths are directly attributable to lifestyle. Americans lead the world in degenerative diseases. Four out of five persons, age 64 or older, have disabilities or chronic disease. Surely, what we eat today walks and talks tomorrow.

This is even more important to pass onto our children in fact there are numerous studies which report a huge impact if these health lessons are learnt earlier in life.    One of these can be found on the BBC website, which currently is available on the BBC iPlayer accessible by a fast vpn from outside the UK.

Too much fat, too much sugar, salt, and refined foods are specifically linked to six of the ten leading causes of death in the United States and on top of that many suffer from serious conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes, high triglycerides, constipation, which in their turn can cause serious life threatening conditions or diseases. We need not be satisfied to stand by and become one of these statistics. We need not resign ourselves to the fate of “it runs in my family.” We inherit the lifestyle ( diet and habits) of our parents, but we can choose to change.

We will be helping you to reeducate your taste buds, preserve your life, while saving money, shed those excess pounds that refined foods have added, while avoiding starvation diets, help you realize you do need a healthy lifestyle so you can just feel better with renewed energy and clearness of mind. Step by step, one day at a time; a simple plan, to bring you Health in a simple way. You can begin today to take positive steps that can make a difference. After you realize you DO need a healthy lifestyle, I think you will be surprised how easy it is. Remember, health IS by choice…not by chance!

Jenny Collins
Health Blogger and Author of the Best VPN Software

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A Cell Phone At Age 3?

It is incredible that starting at 3 (and sometimes even earlier!), kids are asking for cell phones these days. Now at the age of three, it is unlikely that they really know what a phone is and how to use it. However, they see their parents using one and see buttons and lights on it which tells them that a cell phone is something exciting.

When a parent starts looking for a cell phone for kids that young, the best bet is to get a dummy phone. One that looks like a real phone, is colorful, and makes noises but doesn’t really work is all you really need to keep a toddler busy. They are just happy feeling that like their parents, they have a phone too.

When you get into the ages of 5 to 9, many parents then want to get their kids a real phone that can be used mainly for safety. Not every parent wants their kids to have a phone at those ages but more and more Moms and Dads like the convenience of being able to call their child at any time. Phones with good parental controls are often desirable for this age group.

For kids who are 10 and older, many are able to convince their parents to get them real cell phones that have a variety of features. For kids this old, it is a never ending battle between them and their parents as to what kind of phone will be allowed. They want phones with everything on them but parents rarely want to spend that much and are still weary of giving their children full access to all the things a smart phone can do.

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Start at 3? We Found A Better Solution

Many experts suggest that a young child’s best place is in the home. The ideal is that a mother should stay at home to look after her children in the early years rather than ship them out to preschool. Of course the problem is and always will be that most families need the mother’s income to help with the bills, so the answer for some will be working but from home.

When my first child was born I was working in an office. The hours were the usual 9 to 5, but I had to travel to work and the journey took two hours each way. Consequently I left before my family woke, and got home after the children went to bed. I was a weekend Dad.

We went through a couple of years when my wife returned to work locally and the children (there were two by then) went to preschool first thing in the morning and she picked them up when she left work. Preschool was expensive and my wife’s income barely covered the cost, and I was still commuting. We had to change our lives, and the answer was for me to work from home. My wife stayed in a paid job as her employment was local, and I stayed at home with the kids trying to earn a living working from home. The first few years were difficult, but my business selling gifts decorated with a family crest eventually grew sufficiently to support our family and my wife and I now work together at home. The children benefited and we are all very close. Preschool starting at 3? It may be the answer for some but we found a better one.

Wine and Kids

I’m a member of a wine of the month club.  My wife and I love the wines and we love being able to talk about them with friends, family and the other club members,

When our son was born we had a few people ask us if we planned to continue drinking wine with a baby in the house.  We had never given it any thought…what are we teaching him?  Is there a safe way to store wine?

Overall we came to the conclusion that being upfront and honest with our son about drinking and what happens if you abuse alcohol was better than acting like it didn’t exist.  Rightly or wrongly, that’s our plan!