Education Opportunities on the Ipad

Education Opportunities on the Ipad

If you see any youngster using a computer you realise quite how natural they are with technology.  I can guarantee that it’s easier to show a four year old how to use a mouse rather than someone

in their 40s.  In fact most kids pick these things up completely based on intuition.   The same goes with the IPad – very young children can use it with virtually no instruction at all.

The education experience is though dependent on the software available and there’s no shortage of quality education software available for the Ipad.  My youngest actually uses an application to access and watch TV3 online, the reason? So her best friend from Warsaw can watch cartoons in Polish!

The device is ideal to bring education and fun together and a great little application for younger children is called Fish school.  The fish swim through a series of learning challenges and rewards the children with games after completion.  It’s got great graphics and a wonderful soundtrack which the fish swim along to.

The reward concept is also strong in ’Build a Zoo’ where children have to fill a zoo with animals.  These are earned by completing various task like spelling, maths and quizzes – all the levels increase in difficulty which helps keep the kids interested and challenged.

Of course there are hundreds of other apps for all ages you can also use it in other ways for entertaining children.  It is now possible to access BBC Iplayer abroad on the Ipad by using a VPN – there are some wonderful BBC childrens programs which you will then be able to access.   It’s also worth checking out the various drawing, art or books that you can access through the Apple store all usually very reasonably priced.



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