Toddler Safety – Locks For Refrigerators

Toddler Safety – Locks For Refrigerators


Whether for newly bought fridges and freezers or for existing refrigerators, the market for refrigerator and freezer locks is growing of late.  These devices are very handy for keeping toddlers out of these dangerous appliances!


With demand for these safety and security device for refrigerators and freezers growing recently, more and more appliance stores have started carrying locks for kitchen appliances.


The cheapest refrigerator lock you can get comes from Fridge Guard, which you can buy for well under ten dollars.  The Fridge Guard safety refrigerator lock is a one hook one latch refrigerator lock that is made from strong durable plastic with a high bond adhesive that is usually set up on top of the fridge.  This fridge lock is definitely recommended for those fridge owners who want to secure their refrigerator with a minimum of fuss.


The price tag for a higher quality fridge or freezer lock is close to thirty buck, the price for a MarineLock refrigerator lock.  This is one of the most expensive models that you can find.  MarineLock refrigerator locks require no drilling and work with peel and stick anchor pads, with an accompanying brass padlock. 


Most often than not, it is the price of the product that dictates its quality, durability and longevity so it is worth paying the extra money to avoid ending up with a cheap lock that is not effective.  If the cost concerns you, consider the alternative of purchasing a brand new refrigerator freezer with a built-in lock.  Refrigerator prices are not cheap, so you will save a lot by simply purchasing an after-market lock for your existing fridge freezer.